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Savastha Jaggery powder

Sugarcane Jaggery Powder, Natural Sweetener. 1Kg


  • Sugarcane Jaggery Powder, Brown Sugar is a Very Healthy Alternate to Refined Sugar
  • Made From Naturally Grown Sugarcane in Cauvey Delta Region
  • Our Sugarcane Jaggery can be used as a Natural Sweetener to Tea, Coffee, Milk etc
  • Rich in Calcium, Iron and other Minerals, Acts as a digestive agent Helps to Curb the Levels of Blood Sugar. A Great Source of Energy
  • All our Products are of the Highest Quality. We are Committed to Provide the Best Quality Food Products.

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Savastha Sugarcane Jaggery Powder is made from naturally grown Sugarcane from the Cauvery delta region in Tamil Nadu. . The sugarcane grown in this region is of very high quality. Also known as brown sugar this is a natural sweetener and has various health benefits. No chemicals are used in the making of the Jaggery Powder. Having Jaggery in your food helps purify the blood, regulate the liver function. Jaggery also keeps the body healthy and fit. Also known as nattu sakarai or vellam in tamil. Nattu chakkarai.

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