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Savastha Dal Rice Mix Powder

Dal Rice Mix Powder. Parupu Podi. 250gm

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  • Traditional Authentic 100% Home Made Recipe. Pure Vegetarian . Tasty and Healthy
  • Ready To Eat. Just Mix Savastha Dal Rice Mix Powder to Hot Rice and Add Ghee. Mix Well. Its Ready .
  • Natural and Tasty. No Chemicals, Preservatives or Colour used.
  • For taste it can be had with a pinch of Pickle, VathalKolambu or Sambar.
  • Packed in a Resealable Food Grade Package.

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Savastha Dal Rice Powder or Sadham paruppu podi is a very tasty rice mix powder made of dal and various other spice for an authentic South India tasty food. The tasty rice dal powder can be had with hot rice and ghee. Just mix dal powder with hot boiled rice and ghee for a fantastic yummy spicy taste. Can be had with a pinch of pickle or sambar or vathalkolabu paste. Its Ready to eat.

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